Playlist - Song Information: Howard Shore - A Journey In The Dark

Title: A Journey In The Dark
Artist: Howard Shore
Album: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Track: 12
Year: 2001
Genre: Soundtrack
Encoded By: Owen Rudge
Encoder: Easy CD-DA Extractor (
Length: 4:20
Format: FLAC
Bitrate: 676kbps
Frequency: 44.10KHz
Channels: 2
Bits: 16-bit
Filename: 12 - A Journey In The Dark.flac
Size: 21,967,342 bytes
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Lyrics: Choir in Khuzdûl:

Durin ku binamrad
Ugmal sulu addad ku ba
Abad ku ganaga
Tur ganad
Abanul Durin
Ku bin Amrad
Ku ba kana a na aznan
Un du abad
Ku gan aga aznan.

The original poem by Philipa Boyens is:

'Durin who is Deathless
Eldest of all Fathers
Who awoke
To darkness
Beneath the mountain
Who walked alone
Through halls of stone
Durin who is Deathless
Lord of Khazad-dum
Who cleaved
The Dark
And broke
The silence
This is your light!
This is your word!
This is your glory!
The Dwarrowdelf of Khazad-dum!