Playlist - Song Information: Howard Shore - The Steward Of Gondor

Title: The Steward Of Gondor
Artist: Howard Shore
Album: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Track: 5
Year: 2003
Genre: Soundtrack
Comment: Featuring Billy Boyd
Encoded By: Owen Rudge
Encoder: Easy CD-DA Extractor (
Length: 3:53
Format: FLAC
Bitrate: 632kbps
Frequency: 44.10KHz
Channels: 2
Bits: 16-bit
Filename: 05 - The Steward Of Gondor.flac
Size: 18,400,501 bytes
More Information: Shore - The Steward Of Gondor Profile: /_/The%20Steward%20Of%20Gondor
Lyrics: The Last Son

Boe le henio [choir: 0.00]
E sí câr athad iyn [choir: 0.22]
Ane ah a phen [choir: 0.44]
I ú athelitha. [choir: 1.01]

You must understand.
He does the duty of two sons now.
For himself; and for the one
who will not return.

Billy Boyd (Pippin) solo

2:35 Home is behind
2:38 The world ahead

2:43 And there are many paths to tread
2:50 Through shadow, to the edge of night
2:58 Until the stars are all alight

3:06 Mist and shadow, cloud and shade
3:17 All shall fade, all shall…… fade